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A Flexible Workplace Operated From Your Smartphone

Make the most out of your hybrid work environment with our self-service app.   


When reimagining the office and work life of the future, we’re thinking of digital office solutions for your building. At Spot Us we believe in the power of a hybrid work environment that focuses on artificial intelligence to maximize results and reduce time and costs.


No more waiting when you want to access different parts of the building, and no more worries that you’ll forget your access cards. You’ll be able to operate your flexible workplace directly from your phone.

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The Workplace of the Future 

Our lives have changed drastically in the last couple of years, and so did our workplace goals and outlook. As time has become one of our most important resources, we believe it’s our duty to bring digital office solutions for your work environment.

What Do We Offer?

At Spot Us, we are preparing for the next step. We believe that the future of a hybrid work environment comes with digital office solutions. We integrated this mindset into an end to end software platform that solves our daily struggles using AI.

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“Touchless” Building Access

With the digital access control systems, you won’t have to touch anything, leading to a safer work life.

Access the Building With Your Phone 

Say Goodbye to forms, lost time, or tons of separate cards needed for accessing different parts of the building. With SpotUs you’ll just need your phone. The app generates an automatic Virtual Badge for employees and a QR code for visitors to use with our digital access control systems. 

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Reserve Parking and Meeting Rooms & Desk in 30 Seconds 

No more walking around the building with a potential client trying to find an empty office. And no more late mornings due to lack of parking spots. You'll always know where to park your car and when to attend a meeting.

Space Maximization and Less Costs

A hybrid work environment means more empty offices for the same costs. With Spot Us, that won't be an issue anymore. Large corporate with many employees can maximize their use of space by always being aware of how many people are in the building.

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Improved Access Flow for Visitors

Your visitors won't have to worry about access or bureaucratic procedures anymore. You can send them an invitation through the web portal with all the information needed for accessing parking or meeting rooms. Guests will receive the invitation in an email or in the app with access credentials and the “how to access" guide.

And Our Most Important Resource…


Our mission begins with the belief that time is the most important resource we own. With the power of high-end technology we can create a flexible workplace. No one should lose time completing forms at reception in order to access their workplace, or own multiple badges to enter different parts of the building.

The time we help you save will come back to you in the form of business development.

Is It That Easy?

The answer is YES. 


With our self-service app, you’ll be able to maximize your hybrid work environment in just 5 easy steps.

Access our app and enter your login details and Business email

Add your reservation, whether it's a parking spot, a desk or a meeting room

Select the date and time you want to go to the office 

Multi-technology virtual card

Elevator control

Having a flexible workplace has never been easier.

The Milestones We Achieved So Far

We believe in designing digital office solutions for the future. Our business started in 2020, with the development of the SpotUs Office Parking module. In August 2021 our first office building went live on Spot Us and in September we announced the kickoff of our Desk & Meeting room development. 

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Since August 2021, we’ve been operating 5 office buildings in Bucharest

Over 5000 users registered, including Endava, Grohe, Herberger, UP Romania, Forte Partners and many more

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