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Simplified parking time monitoring

Get e-mail alerts every time a car exceeds
the allocated parking period. 


A SpotUs.Space Product

SpotUs.Alert offers facility and parking management companies an easy-to-use solution that monitors and sends alerts when vehicles exceed their allotted parking time.

It can be implemented for any client around the world, easy and fast.

How does it work?

SpotUs.Alert notifies parking area managers, with photos and video evidence, if a vehicle overstays. With less manual work needed, the parking management process becomes easier, and productivity rates increase.

SpotUs.Alert is a SaaS product that can work either: 

✔️ On its own, as a new technology that you include in your workflow

✔️ Integrated into your existing parking management products

✔️ As part of the office resource management solution, if you also have office spaces in your portfolio

About SpotUs.Alert

SpotUs.Alert was built by the SpotUs.Space team to help facility and parking management companies monitor their parking lots efficiently. This module is part of our mission to create an end-to-end resource management solution for commercial real estate. To learn more about SpotUs for office developers, please visit or contact us at ovidiu

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