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How can you improve guest flow in your office?

Whenever there’s a meeting scheduled at your office, there’s an entire process to be followed. People can be given access into the building usually by announcing reception, and parking staff. Upon arrival, they have to register, give details about whom they are visiting and the reason for their visit. 

The receptionist will probably have to give them access using their badge, and also, they might need assistance in calling the elevator to go to the floor where you are. If they are spending an entire day at the office, they need either a guest badge or to be assisted every time they go out/in the building. 

If they also need access in the parking lot, you have to manage all this manually through emails or phone calls, check if there’s availability, transmit their car’s registration number and so on. 

All this takes time, brings little value and is prone to errors. 

In an era where we’re so used to intuitive processes that create smooth experiences, handling this visitor flow yourself or through your office receptionist can feel outdated and time-consuming. 

Even though some offices now have digitalised this process to a certain extent, having, for example, digital screens visitors use to register, there’s still a way to make the whole experience easier. 

Using SpotUs, any admin who was given access to the app, can invite guests into the office by simply sending them a QR code. Guests don’t have to download the app - the QR code will be available on email, and upon arrival, they just have to scan it. 

This will give them access into the parking lot, if parking spots are available, to the office building and it can even be used to call the elevator only for the floor they are meant to visit. There’s no need for any other verification or registration. Each tenant has a designated admin and they are allowed to invite any guest they want to have in the office. 

With SpotUs, it becomes easy and fast and tenants are provided with a real digitalised tenant experience. 

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