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5 reasons why office developers choose SpotUs

SpotUs is an app developed for office developers who want to provide their tenants with a digital, intuitive access experience. Using this tool allows tenants to manage their resources and guest flows in an easier way than ever! 

We work with multiple buildings in Bucharest and the app is used by over 15000 people. So what makes office developers choose this solution? Here are 5 main reasons:

Simple & fast implementation 

SpotUs is a software product, which means that it can be implemented for any developer, regardless of their location. We work with your local team to make all setups and get integrated with your own access systems. If all works well, we can be up and running in a matter of days! Onboarding for your tenants is easy - the app is available both on Google Play and Apple Store.

Integration with elevator systems

Our team has experience with some of the biggest elevator systems, which means that integration will happen fast. Once the solution is live, tenants will be able to call the elevator from their phone. They - and their guests - will get access only to their designated floors.

Automation of reception and security manual processes 

Every time someone forgets their badge at home or has a guest coming over to the office, reception and security staff have to deal with a series of manual processes. People have to be registered, they have to open doors, call elevators, all repetitive and low-value work. With SpotUs, these activities can be managed from the app, using the virtual badge to access the space or sending an online QR-code based invitation to anyone who wants to visit the office. 

Interaction with tenants is digitalised

Studies show that 80% of CRE landlords believe tenants want a comprehensive mobile app for the building. This is not surprising at all, given that we are so used to having an app for almost anything we need. Why wouldn’t we want to manage parking or desk reservation with our phones as well?

With SpotUs, tenants can do all the following from their phone:

  • Book their desired desk and parking spot (days & hours)

  • Access the building and the parking lot with a virtual badge

  • Call the elevator from their phone

  • Manage their guest flow

Activity reports sent as frequently as needed

Knowing how a space is being used is crucial in better managing that space. SpotUs gives developers insights on how and when tenants use the office the most. This data can translate into sustainability benefits - knowing when and how resources are being consumed enables taking the right measures to save energy, for example.

Furthermore, opting for SpotUs also means opting for virtual badges, which reduces the carbon footprint from traditional badge-production. More on this, here. 

If you too are looking for an easy-to-use app that streamlines access control processes for your building, contact us and let’s talk!

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