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How SpotUs can contribute to achieving your ESG Goals

Environmental goals are part of any responsible real estate player, and in the past few years, we’ve seen many new ESG policies been adopted and implemented by the office market. Starting this year, we even have the first jurisdiction in the world for ESG ratings set by the EU, to contribute to achieving net-zero objectives by 2050.

In the office vertical, this translates into new materials and alternative energy resources, monitoring , new technologies and more responsible work practices. Developers have a range of options at their disposal, starting from the planning phase and until the building is operational.

SpotUs contributes to achieving ESG goals for developers using the solution in their office spaces in the following way:

1. Virtual Badges

Producing physical access badges to enter the parking lot, the building or the office lead to significant carbon footprint for developers and tenants as well. These badges can often be lost or not returned, and for each new employee, a new badge has to be printed. The plastic materials take a long time to degrade, not to mention that for big companies, the costs with physical badges can increase really fast. 

SpotUs comes with a digital feature that integrates all access cards in the app, meaning that:

  • Employees will be able to access the space with their phone, which they probably don’t forget or lose as often as it would happen with a badge

  • There’s no need for physical materials to be used, which is a greener approach both for the developer and the tenant

  • The whole onboarding process becomes easier, with employees being granted access immediately, regardless of their location 

Read more about virtual badges here

2. Data comes with a very important feature for developers and tenants: we provide as-often-as-needed reports that allow a better understanding of how the space is being used. These reports can guide space managers towards a clearer understanding of the dynamics at play within their environment.

For instance, we monitor and document the peak traffic hours, to report the moments when the space experiences heightened activity. Space managers can make informed decisions on resource allocation, ensuring that amenities and services are available precisely when and where they are most needed.

By fostering transparency regarding the flow of occupancy, our reports facilitate a transformative shift in workspace management. Understanding the patterns of office attendance, discerning which days witness lighter foot traffic, empowers stakeholders to reimagine spatial configurations, i.e.

Such granular insights pave the way for enhanced resource optimization strategies, enabling spaces to adapt and evolve in alignment with the evolving needs of their occupants.

3. Resource management

With SpotUs, tenants can book their desk and meeting rooms, as well as parking spots, directly through an app. Besides this being a more intuitive and attractive alternative for today’s workforce, this digital approach comes with ESG-related benefits:

  • Less manual workload for reception and security staff, who don’t have to manage access into parking lots or in the building through email and phone bookings anymore

  • A better overview of how parking and desks are being used, allowing tenants and developers to optimise their spaces and the resources necessary to maintain them

  • Resource sharing: when a tenant has unused parking spots, for example, this has both a cost and an environmental impact. Through, they can share unused resources with other tenants (read more here) digitalises office access and resource management, contributing to tenants and developers’ environmental sustainability efforts. Through an easy to use app and an adaptable solution that can be implemented for any developer in the world, we are proud to play our part in such an important mission as achieving ESG goals in the built world.

To learn more about SpotUs, please contact us at contact @

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