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U Center 1

U•Center is a Dedeman project situated in Bucharest. for U Center


  • Parking Management for 422 parking spaces in U Center 1

Tenants can now independently book their parking spot through an easy to use app, available both on iOS and Android. The need for manual reception and security services is optimised, with manual tasks being now automated and valuable time being saved for the building's staff.


  • Touchless access with Virtual card


The need for physical access is eliminated, which streamlines the access into the building. This also aligns with ESG goals, as less plastic materials need to be produced every time a new tenant or employee uses the space.


  • QR Code Visitor management


Tenants can manage their guest flows. They can now invite guests into the building without going through reception, by just sending them an email invitation with a QR Code.


  • Elevator Integration 


SpotUs easily integrates with elevator systems, providing app-based access to the floors each tenant has access to. This system also provides touch-free calling of elevators, ensuring a safe experience for anyone in the building. 


Tenants who use the app: Endava, Glovo, Sweat, Booking  

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