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Interview with Madalina Macicas, Club Manager, SWEAT

SWEAT is a fitness and wellness ecosystem created around its clients’ needs and goals, including high-end gyms, dedicated trainers and performant equipment and technologies. We are honored to have been collaborating since we launched SpotUs, and to see how SWEAT uses this app to facilitate the access experience for its users. 

We’ve sat down with Madalina Macicas, Club Manager, to learn more about their take on digitalisation and on our partnership:

What does innovation look like in the fitness world? How do you see this industry growing?

I believe that innovation has its place in every field, including the fitness industry. We wanted to keep up with technology, which is why we invested in digitized equipment, high-performance apps to assist our members in their workouts, and efficient check-in and access systems for our fitness center.”

How have clients’ expectations changed over time when it comes to gym facilities and how do you address these expectations?

“We are very committed to providing the best services to our members so that they are satisfied and stay with us as much as possible. That's why we closely monitor all their needs. From my experience, I can tell you that what fitness consumers truly want is easy access to services, a simplified booking process for classes, appointments with fitness trainers, and convenient parking access.”

What challenge does SpotUs solve for your clients?

“I believe that the most important thing Spotus app offers us is effective monitoring of access both to the parking lot and the fitness center. 

The simple fact that users can see on the app when parking spaces are unavailable and can then decide which transportation method to use is a huge advantage. 

For us as a fitness center, having this app is a significant benefit because we don't have to invest in physical cards, which members could potentially lose, saving us considerable costs.”

How do you see the mix between technology and gyms? What are the benefits of using technology and how are clients looking at this?

The mix between technology and fitness & wellness services came naturally following the pandemic. The awareness and penetration of digitalization in all aspects of life (social, familial, business) have led to the accelerated growth of digitalization usage as an integral part of the fitness service acquisition process, access to locations, self-check-in (removing staff as the main access modality), progress monitoring, as well as digital libraries for tailored training sessions in accordance with clients' needs. 

Digitalization helps streamline all procedures related to a fitness facility, and Sweat members have a predominantly high adoption rate towards the digital tools provided.”

What are your plans for this year that you can share with our readers?

“I am delighted that Sweat is continuously expanding, and this year we are preparing for the opening of two new fitness centers, Sweat Drumul Taberei and Sweat Arcul de Triumf. We hope to maintain the quality of our services and keep our members as happy as possible and respect our promises to them.”

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