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The best moment to start with SpotUs

SpotUs is a solution that digitally streamlines access and resource booking in an office building. This tool is provided by office developers to their tenants as a means to create a smoother experience of booking a parking spot, a desk, of accessing the building with a virtual card or managing their guest flows. 

The first best moment to start with SpotUs is from the very beginning of your project. When you envision your space and how it will create a different, better, unique experience for your tenants - that’s when you should consider providing them with an app that will streamline access and resource booking from day one.

Nonetheless, SpotUs can be added to the tenant experience tech stack at any point of the development. It is an easy to integrate solution that works as a SaaS and that can be implemented remotely for any developer and tenant. 

SpotUs is designed to be flexible and can be implemented at any stage, whether it’s during initial construction, post-renovation, or even in a fully operational building. This adaptability ensures that no matter when you decide to integrate SpotUs, you can still reap the benefits of a streamlined, efficient, and tenant-friendly office environment.

Here’s why you should start with SpotUs as soon as possible: 

Operational Efficiency

Replacing all manual processes with one app like SpotUs not only improves tenant experience but also takes workload from reception and security staff. Manual tasks such as registering a guest or providing access to an employee who forgot their badge are reduced, leaving more time for higher value-adding activities. Tenants appreciate the convenience of having all their needs met through a single platform, enhancing their overall satisfaction and productivity. 

Data-Driven Decision Making

For office developers and landlords, SpotUs offers significant operational benefits. By consolidating various processes into one digital platform, the data collected by SpotUs can provide valuable insights into how the space is being utilized. This data can inform decisions on optimizing resource allocation, identifying underused areas, and improving overall space management.

This can lead to more informed decisions regarding space planning, maintenance schedules, and even future developments. For example, if data shows that certain areas of the building are consistently underused, developers might decide to repurpose these spaces to better meet tenant needs.

If data shows that certain parking lots are not used enough, they can be shared with other tenants, in order to optimise costs. Learn more about this here.

Easy Integration and Scalability

SpotUs can be integrated with access control and elevator systems by working with external teams, and we are prepared to meet all technical requests to ensure a smooth implementation. 

For example, we can easily integrate with your elevator system in order to allow employees to call for the elevator and give them access only to their specific floor.

This flexibility means that whether you are planning a new development or looking to upgrade an existing building, SpotUs can be tailored to fit your specific needs.

Enhanced Security

Security is a critical concern in any office environment. SpotUs enhances building security by streamlining access control through digital means. Virtual cards can be issued and managed easily, reducing the risk of unauthorized access. Additionally, guest flows can be tracked and managed more effectively. This level of control and oversight enhances the overall security posture of the office space.

Environmental Benefits

There are also environmental benefits to consider. By digitizing processes and reducing the need for physical resources such as paper and plastic access cards, SpotUs contributes to a more sustainable building operation. This can help developers and landlords meet green building standards and appeal to environmentally conscious tenants.

Investing in a solution like SpotUs is also a step towards future-proofing your building. As technology continues to evolve, having a flexible, digital platform in place ensures that your building can adapt to new advancements and tenant expectations. SpotUs can be updated with new features and integrations as they become available, ensuring that your building remains at the forefront of technological innovation.

If you’d like to learn more about how we can collaborate, please contact us at contact @!

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