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SpotUs.Alert, a digital parking space monitoring product already in use in the UK, monitors +600 parking lots

SpotUs.Space, the technology company that provides a digital booking management solution for office space, announces a new product, already implemented on the UK market. SpotUs.Alert is a surveillance and alarming module for office building and parking management companies, that facilitates the process of monitoring vehicles that exceed the allocated time in the parking lot.

SpotUs.Space develops a tech solution for office developers, through which their tenants can book a desk, a parking space, benefit from virtual badges, and manage the presence of visitors in the space, all through one app. For developers, SpotUs comes with monitoring and reporting modules that give them a better understanding of how spaces are being used to adjust, for example, the resources used for their maintenance.

The SpotUs team has developed and implemented a new module, called SpotUs.Alert, already successfully used by one of largest parking operators in the UK. 

SpotUs.Alert, which can be used as part of the solution for office spaces, or independently, eliminates the manual work of checking vehicles that exceed the allocated parking time.

Through the technology developed and implemented by SpotUs, parking space managers receive email alerts with photos and videos, notifying them when a car has exceeded its allotted time, as well as the time it left the parking lot.

More than 600 parking lots are monitored using SpotUs.Alert and tens of thousands of alerts have been issued since the start of this implementation.

Now, the SpotUs team wants to scale this product, both in Romania and in the UK and Europe. SpotUs.Alert works as a SaaS and can be deployed remotely for any customer.

"SpotUs.Alert is just one of the additional modules we develop for our customers. This product was built on the need for digitization and optimization of processes, whether we are talking about the parking lot of a supermarket or an office building. We are constantly working on new ways to provide competitive advantages through solutions that respond to current market challenges. The UK market holds a lot of potential for us, and are delighted to have a first validation of this product.”  - Ovidiu Ciurte, CEO of SpotUs.Space.

SpotUs.Space currently works with +9 office buildings and more than 15,000 people use the app. The team is also working on the development of other functionalities needed by developers and tenants of office spaces, with the aim of creating an end-to-end solution for the current needs of its partners.

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